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Grades 7 & 8: 2018-19

The Article of the Week is differentiated. This means that there are two versions (‘a’ and ‘b’) to accommodate a wider range of reading levels. If a student does not remember the version they were originally assigned, they should email me for a reminder.

As they are assigned, Articles will be posted here in pdf format.

AoW2 Retro Sneakers.pdf (Completed together in class)

AoW4a Popsicles.pdf (due Friday, Sept. 21)

AoW5a Fortnite Dance.pdf (due Friday, Sept. 28)

AoW5bFortniteDance.pdf (due Friday, Sept. 28)

AoW6a Thank You Notes.pdf (due Friday, Oct. 5)

AoW6b Thank You Notes.pdf (due Friday, Oct. 5)

AoW7a Scouts.pdf (due Friday, Oct. 12)

AoW7bScouts.pdf (due Friday, Oct. 12)

AoW8a Halloween.pdf (due Friday, Oct. 19)

AoW8bHalloween.pdf (due Friday, Oct. 19)

AoW9a Banksy.pdf (due Friday, Oct. 26)

AoW9bBanksy.pdf (due Friday, Oct. 26)

AoW10a Oscar.pdf (due Friday, Nov. 2)

AoW10bOscar.pdf (due Friday, Nov. 2)

AoW11a CandyCorn.pdf (due Friday, Nov. 9)

AoW11bCandyCorn.pdf (due Friday, Nov. 9)

AoW12a StanLee.pdf (due Friday, Nov. 30)

AoW12b StanLee (due Friday, Nov. 30)

AoW13a SpaceFood.pdf (Due Friday, Dec. 7)

AoW13bSpaceFood.pdf (Due Friday, Dec. 7)

AoW14a SpongeBob.pdf (Due Friday, Dec. 14)

AoW15a CookieDough.pdf (Due Friday, Jan. 4)

AoW16a FoodMuseum.pdf (Due Friday, Jan. 11)

AoW16b FoodMuseum.pdf (Due Friday, Jan. 11)

AoW17a PaylessPrank.pdf (Due Friday, Jan. 18)

AoW17bPaylessPrank.pdf (Due Friday, Jan. 18)

AoW18a InstagramEgg.pdf (Due Friday, Jan. 25)

AoW19a_Ohashi.pdf (Due Friday, Feb. 1)

AoW20_Cheese.pdf (Due Friday, Feb. 8) *We completed this one in class

AoW21a_SocialMedia.pdf (Due Friday, Feb. 15) *Assigned & completed in class

AoW21b_SocialMedia.pdf (Due Friday, Feb. 15) *Assigned & completed in class

AoW22aDrGladysWest.pdf (Due Friday, March 1)

AoW22bDrGladysWest.pdf (Due Friday, March 1)

AoW23aAnimalsInWinter.pdf (Due by Friday, March 8) *Assigned & completed in class

AoW24aTechTalk.pdf (Due Friday, March 14) (Time to complete in class)

About The Article of the Week

New York State, through its adoption of the Common Core Standards, is promoting more non-fiction in the classroom than ever before. The Article of the Week (AoW) offers an excellent opportunity to help balance our fiction studies with non-fiction.

I spend a great deal of time choosing articles that are current, relevant, and (hopefully) high-interest. I will include either a short written assignment or a series of multiple choice items to accompany the AoW. The written work I include is often modeled after the State's "Short Written Response," which has been and will continue to be a major component of the State ELA Exam. This is why I require a minimum of three sentences (modeled on the paper itself), as my model demands the student state a position and support it with thorough elaboration.

The AoW should take students no more than 30 minutes to complete (read, highlight, and respond). Considering this is distributed at the beginning of the week and is due at the end of the week, I expect students to complete this in a manner that reflects the best they have to offer.

The single biggest reason I may not accept the student's work is because the comments he or she writes are far below the capabilities of the student. I am looking for insightful comments that indicate how a student thinks as he or she reads. It is this peek into his or her thinking process that I use to choose and develop materials that will help your child grow as a reader and as a thinker.

And regardless of the subject or assignment, please look over your child's work to make sure he or she is doing the best work that he or she is able to do.


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