Jones Memorial Health Center

51 Glasgow Avenue

Jamestown, NY

Phone: (716) 664-8625

Services Offered:

•Substance abuse treatment services

•Alcohol, Drug, and Mental health, Suicide, and self harm rehab services.

•Special Programs/Groups: Adolescents, Persons with co-occurring mental and substance abuse disorders.

Men and Women services:

•Women- Substance abuse among women is different than in men, and most often has multiple contributing factors, such as poverty, psychosocial, mental health, history of abuse and trauma, and involvement in abusive relationships. Because of these numerous factors that need to be addressed to help a woman become drug free, substance abuse centers specifically for women are becoming more prevalent, and existing substance abuse centers are changing their treatment approaches to better help women get rid of their addictions.

•Men- Research shows that men are given more opportunity than women to use drugs, but equal numbers of men and women are likely to begin drug use. Men use different types of drugs than women. Men are more likely to abuse alcohol, and marijuana.

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