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Mathematics in the middle school extends the understanding of number sense and operations, while developing a more formal approach to algebra, geometry, measurement, statistics and probability.  Problem solving continues to be a primary goal of instruction, including the essential idea that problems can be represented and solved in multiple ways and that mathematical thinking must be communicated.  Students continue to use math manipulatives to model and explore mathematical relationships.  Calculators are also used as an instructional tool, including graphing calculators in grades 7 and 8.
The Harcourt Math (2002) series has been adopted for use in grades 5 and 6.  This program provides a balanced approach to conceptual development, procedural fluency, and problem solving.  Grades 7 and 8 use the Holt Middle School Mathematics program, as well as teacher-developed instructional activities.  Middle school mathematics teachers also supplement classroom instruction with Math Exemplars, performance tasks designed to develop critical thinking, problem solving, and conceptual understanding.
The New York State assessments in mathematics are administered in grades 5 through 8 during the first week of March.  Our teachers use assessment data to identify strengths and needs, both in the individual student and in our instructional program.

AT Algebra students will take the MATH A Regents exam on Thursday JUNE 19. 

Please contact your child’s teacher for details.
New York Parents - Information for parents about NYS learning standards and assessments, including tips and activities.
Parent’s Guide to NYS Testing - A printable guide to testing in grades 3-8, including FAQs and sample questions.
NYS Math Core Curriculum - A complete outline of the state mathematics instructional goals for each grade level.
Sample Tasks - Examples aligned to NYS curriculum goals, intended to illustrate and clarify the instructional intent.
Vocabulary Lists - Suggested mathematical language for each grade level, including a glossary of mathematical terms.
Study Zone - NYS test preparation by Oswego City Schools, including lesson tutorials and practice for grades 5-8.
Helping Your Child Learn Mathematics - Recommendations and activities from the US Department of Education
NCTM Family Resources - From National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, resources for families to help with math.
Figure This! - Also from NCTM, challenging problems and activities to work on as a family.
PBS: Cyberchase - Information for parents, as well as animated video clips, web games, and print activities for kids.
Bitesize Math - From the BBC (UK), featuring online tutorials, interactive practice, & online games to review basic skills.
BrainPOP - Provides animated videos, games, and activities to support learning of middle school math.
Math Playground - A wide variety of games and activities for practicing arithmetic, reasoning, and problem solving.
FunBrain Math Arcade - Motivating arcade-style games to practice basic math skills.
School Island - Provides skill review and practice (log in required).
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